FAQ--Frequently asked questions
※Since we are very busy on January and August due to selling Comike items,
 please note that we will be late informing stocks and responding to questions.

・Q.1 I want you to contact me if this doujinshi arrives
We do not inform the arrival of product
・Q.2 Can you find this doujinshi for me?
We are sorry to tell that we dont look for the doujinshi you want.
Please check again in our website if we already have the doujinshi you want.

・Q.3 When this doujinshi will be available.
We buy and sell used doujinshi that`s why we dont know when the doujinshi will be available.
・Q.4 Can you send it by cheaper shipment method
We only ship via EMS
・Q.5 Can you send it in our country
We send it to the country which we can ship in EMS and please check the law and customs of your own country
・Q.6 I want you to reserve the item for me
We cannot reserve the product
・Q.7 The postage that goods is included in
When goods is included postage may become more than one
・Q.8 Are you using debit card?
We are accepting 「VISA」「Master」debit card.

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